Women Football Penalty Champions

Women Football Penalty Champions

About game «Women Football Penalty Champions»

A brand-new sports game called Women Football Penalty Champions is in front of us, created by one of the top developers of touch games. We'll delve into the realm of women's football there. You did hear correctly, Girls wish to participate in youth sports leagues. Consequently, a women's football league was established in the past. Avoid attempting to play it. So you'll compete in the world championship, but there's a catch: all you have to do to win is take penalties. As you enter the field, you will notice three lines with moving cursors at the other team's goal. These are the paths that the goal will be reached.

When the pointer is in the appropriate location after you have chosen the one you require, click on it. Then you'll take a shot towards the goal, and either you'll score or the goalkeeper will hit the ball. After then, things shift, and you now need to guard the gate. Choose one of the three-block zones before your opponent kicks, and your goalkeeper will guide the ball in that way. You will win the match and advance farther in the tournament bracket if you take the lead on a total of five penalties. You will be removed from the competition if you lose.