Highway Traffic Bike Stunts

Highway Traffic Bike Stunts

About game «Highway Traffic Bike Stunts»

The motorcycle is the dream of many. It seems as if you are sitting astride a powerful bike, the chrome of its parts sparkles in the sun, the leather jacket smelled of gasoline, the bandana is decorated with skulls, cowboy boots or, in extreme cases, ankle boots, passers-by are peering at you. Jack is a professional racer and stuntman. Quite often he takes part in various races. Today in the game Highway Traffic Bike Stunts he will participate in competitions during which he will need to demonstrate his skills in driving a motorcycle. By choosing your first vehicle, you will find yourself on the road. It will take place over a rather difficult terrain. Having accelerated the motorcycle to maximum speed, you will rush along the road overtaking various vehicles. When various dangerous sections of the road appear in front of you, you can overcome them by performing various tricks. Each of them will be awarded a certain number of points.

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