Jake vs Pirate Run

Jake vs Pirate Run

About game «Jake vs Pirate Run»

Pirates still exist today, but they no longer exude the same romanticism as those who formerly roamed. These are renowned robbers, regardless of their age, and that is all that has changed. But tales about them are told over and over, inspiring people to journey to the locations that hold the mysteries of hidden treasures and live out their own adventurous spirit. Jake requested that his buddies dump him off at one of the remote locations because he believed that Blackbeard's treasure was there. However, it turned out that not just our hero was looking for rich treasure chests.

Another potential location for riches was found as soon as his ship left the shore and he began his quest. It is revealed to be a wicked pirate with a rifle fitted into a wooden leg. The robber, who has no want to share, resolved to eliminate the rival and started to hunt him. Assist the hero in Jake vs Pirate Run flee from the obnoxious villain while dodging shelling and jumping over hurdles.