Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

About game «Paper Airplane»

It's a lot of fun to fold paper to build paper airplanes, but we're not sure who came up with the idea. You may fly independently in our fantastic and addictive Paper Airplane game! It's a lot of fun to fold planes when all you have is a piece of paper, though! You can skip the folding step in this game! Are you prepared to accept heaven? Fly all around the city, covering as much ground as you can!

With gorgeous 2D graphics and enjoyable gameplay mechanics, Paper Airplane is a delightful game to play. Your objective in this game is to toss the paper plane as far as you can, therefore we hope you have a powerful hand. Get it to land far, far away, if you can. A mouse is all you need to play. Click to send the plane flying into the air. Make sure to aim for a decent takeoff because the angle at which you throw the plane matters. You have control over your aircraft's speed and altitude when it is in the air. The screen's accelerator button is located in the lower right corner. Utilize this to turn on the turbo fuel. It appears that you are landing too soon.