Upgrade Chasers - Ben 10

Upgrade Chasers - Ben 10

About game «Upgrade Chasers - Ben 10»

It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the struggle in order to stay prepared. Even though you can't plan for everything, you still need to go through the fundamental steps, as Ben chose to do today. Ben is performing admirably in his physical training, but not so much in his control of various automobiles. Ben has already expressed sadness over his inability to use machines, which allow one to not only pursue and catch unknown things like monsters but also get over diverse obstacles like stone walls. Ben has a spare day today, so he decides to use it to go on training tours to learn how to operate all types of vehicles.

Ben, start working out. You can head to the obstacle course after adding the necessary equipment to the car, which is already in place. Each track will have its own unique obstacles, which can range in size from large concrete blocks that resemble portions of a fortress wall to tree branches. Following the instructor's directions, proceed through each track. Prepare to master the technique and excel at controlling different vehicles.