Carnival Balloon Shoot

Carnival Balloon Shoot

About game «Carnival Balloon Shoot»

Shooting colorful carnival balls is always fun and entertaining, but in this game, points are also assigned for it. The balls appear to the right and left of the playing field across three levels, moving fairly quickly towards the opposite end of the screen. You need to shoot as many balls as possible in a limited amount of time. From time to time, a black bomb with a lit fuse falls into one of the rows, and, of course, it does not need to be detonated. In this case, the game does not always stop, but you lose points. It would seem that the plot of the game is overused beyond recognition, but the authors of the game were able to diversify shooting at balls with bright graphics and a large number of bombs. 10 points are given for each ball. By the way, the timeline is located in the upper right corner.

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