Carnival Balloon Shoot

Carnival Balloon Shoot

About game «Carnival Balloon Shoot»

Firing at colorful carnival balls is normally fun and entertaining, but in this game, doing so also awards points. The balls quickly move to the other end of the screen from the right and left sides of the playing area. The time you have to shoot as many balls as you can is restricted. Periodically, a black explosive with a lit fuse hits one of the rows; of course, it doesn't have to go off. In this case, you lose points, but the game does not always come to a conclusion.

The game's plot seems so stale as to be unrecognizable, yet the creators were nevertheless able to expand the shooting at the balls with lively visuals and heaps of explosives. Each ball has a point value of 10. By the way, the timeframe is located in the top right corner. The amount of points is set in the upper left corner. The grenades soon become fairly numerous and begin to move in concert with the balls. Despite the fact that it's not always effective, try to avoid clicking on the bombs. Have a wonderful time!