Anime Girls Dress Up Game

Anime Girls Dress Up Game

About game «Anime Girls Dress Up Game»

If you're a fashion enthusiast and a lover of Japanese and Asian pop culture, we have the perfect beauty and styling app for you! Welcome to Anime Girls Dress Up Game, where you can unleash your creativity and design stunning outfits for cute animatronic characters in manga style.

Begin by giving the virtual girl a fabulous makeover with a variety of makeup options. Choose from an array of stylish hairstyles that will perfectly complement her look. Dive into the extensive wardrobe, featuring over 200 fashionable articles, and create unique and trendy outfits for your virtual characters. Fans of comic chibi princesses and more high school girls will be delighted by the familiar short-skirted schoolgirl aesthetic. Explore a wide range of options, including the classic sailor high school uniform, along with a diverse selection of high heels, suits, dresses, pants, shorts, and skirts. The possibilities are endless! As an added bonus, you can also choose from 25 adorable pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and squirrels to accompany your characters and complete their fashionable looks.