Ninja Dogs

Ninja Dogs

About game «Ninja Dogs»

In addition to being quiet combatants, ninjas are also capable of quickly eliminating any foe. You must therefore direct these deadly assassins toward adversaries on various structures. Attack the enemies covertly while destroying the buildings.

The cannon contains ninjas that can be used as projectiles to strike enemy strongholds. To visualize the ninja's trajectory, there is a kind of dotted line that can move in relation to the mouse pointer's movement. To specify the area where the ninja will fly to demolish the structure and take out the enemy, draw a line and use your cursor to determine the construction zone. Press LMB to start the cannon shot. If you quickly complete the current level's requirements, which involve the annihilation of opponents, the mission will count. If you eliminate every opponent in the area and all of the "shells," you will lose and have to start the test over. To vanquish the evil fat cat and get the scroll, use the dog's ninjutsu. The Black Cat must be disarmed in order to free the NinjaDog Master!

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