Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter

About game «Zombie Shooter»

Guys, this is really scary and creepy, but if you like horror and first-person shooters, the game Zombie Shooter, as young people say, will "come in" to you. And if during the game you turn off the lights around and put on headphones - adrenaline in an insane amount is provided. According to the plot of the game, your character finds himself in a city occupied by inhabitants infected with an unknown virus, but why inhabitants? Because everything that was in the city, and these are people and animals, fell under its influence and only those who were in the metro managed to survive. You are one of them and you have to deal with all this! Help the hunter of evil spirits to knock out the remains of the zombies that hid behind the walls of blocks and metal ceilings. The brave shooter armed himself with a special gun and cartridges that could bounce off obstacles and hit targets in inaccessible places.

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