Zombie Hunters Arena

Zombie Hunters Arena

About game «Zombie Hunters Arena»

In the game Zombie Hunters Arena, the developers have prepared for you a whole planet where the events of the game will take place. You will go there to carry out a very important mission. A fierce war has been raging on that planet for a very long time between the locals and the resurrected. You will side with ordinary people and help them. Upon arrival on the planet, you will be in a very confusing old maze, from which you will have to get out. If you think it's safe, you're wrong. Along the way there will be a variety of rooms where zombies live. When they see you, they will try to attack. But we will give you a weapon so that you can defend yourself with dignity. As soon as you see some creature, open fire on it. This way you can help the planet get rid of evil zombies. Look around, because in the maze can be scattered weapons that you need.

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