Archery Mania

Archery Mania

About game «Archery Mania»

Welcome to Archery Mania game. In today's game you will be shooting from a bow and shooting will not be easy. All your targets are apples that the guys will have on their heads. You have to try hard to be a well-aimed archer, because the life of good guys depends on your efforts. All guys trust you with their lives, just don't think this is a joke. At the beginning of the game, you will have a bow with dangerous arrows and one shot, which is given for an accurate hit. If your shot was not accurate, then the arrow will fly over a cute apple, and at worst, one of the guys will die. After missing the apple, the game is over. Your bow will shoot every time from different angles and in different terrain. Calculate the trajectory before each shot. After each accurate hit, you earn coins. After collecting the required number of coins, you can spend them on one of the improvements that await you in the store. All improvements will be unlocked in random order, but they will be new to you and the game will become more interesting and intriguing. We wish you a good game and accurate hits.

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