Bubble Shooter Infinite

Bubble Shooter Infinite

About game «Bubble Shooter Infinite»

With nothing to waste, our bubble shooter will keep you entertained. You can play it indefinitely, and the colorful bubbles will never bother you. Try to shoot the next projectile so as to form groups of three or more elements of the same color. Would you like to play a calm and cute bubble shooter game that continues over and over again? Endless bubbles are what you need! If you love to shoot bubbles, then you are extremely lucky, we offer you an endless shooter where you can enjoy your favorite pastime as long as you want until you get bored. Shoot from the cannon at the colored balls, there are assistants on the right side of the panel: a rainbow ball, a bomb and a dashed guide line indicating the flight of the projectile. Their number is limited, use wisely. You can play the game on various devices.

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