Pixie Pregnant Check Up

Pixie Pregnant Check Up

About game «Pixie Pregnant Check Up»

Welcome to the magical world of Pixie Pregnant Check Up! Today, you have a special patient – a wonderful pregnant mommy-to-be, Pixie! It's time to perform a check-up and ensure everything is going smoothly with her pregnancy.

Step into the hospital room filled with enchanting medical tools and get ready to work your magic. First, use the stethoscope to listen to Pixie's baby's heartbeat. It's a mesmerizing sound that will fill your heart with joy! Next, use the ultrasound machine to check on the little one growing inside Pixie's belly. See the tiny life flourishing in there – it's truly a magical moment! Now, it's essential to give Pixie her prenatal vitamins to keep her and the baby healthy. Watch her smile as she takes them, knowing she's taking the best care of her little miracle. But the magic doesn't stop there! Let's add a touch of enchantment to Pixie's pregnant belly with a beautiful belly tattoo. Choose from an array of colors and designs to make her feel happy. The fairy world awaits your expertise, and with your help, Pixie will have a magical and healthy pregnancy!