Power Rangers Spaces Mystery

Power Rangers Spaces Mystery

About game «Power Rangers Spaces Mystery»

Maybe you watched the Power Rangers' antics in the distant past. Although the cartoon series has been on television for more than 20 years, its characters have not been forgotten; they have made a comeback after moving into the world of video games. The unique ambiance and traits of each character were successfully captured by the designers. Even the goal of the computer rangers hasn't altered; they continue to hunt down their adversaries, cunning criminals, monsters, and aliens.

The red ranger from Power Rangers Spaces Mystery is in trouble since he was sent into outer space and landed on an unidentified planet. But that wasn't all; as soon as the hero touched down and took a breath to survey his surroundings, a prickly pillar appeared and started pursuing him. He'll need to go away because it would be useless to fight such a large and powerful unknown force. You won't be able to simply run away; to span the distance, you'll need to employ leaps. You need to simultaneously hop to safe areas in order to avoid falling into an even worse trap. Try to move the hero as far away from the danger as you can in Power Rangers Spaces Mystery.