About game «Surto»

Imagine that a zombie outbreak is happening right now. The online game Surto's settings are here. There are remarkably few survivors. Our hero is moving down a route that is nearly completely dark. He has weapons so he can fight against the undead that suddenly materializes on various sides of the road.

Major global calamities, such as wars, natural calamities, and epidemic surges, had to be endured by people around the world on a regular basis. It was able to get out of the nightmare and heal so it could live on. The most recent outbreak, though, was too bad. Dealing with how the virus quickly altered and turned individuals into terrible dead is becoming more and more difficult. You must choose a hero that can hunt zombies in almost total darkness. Move the plates to ensure his survival. In the Surto, an evil entity could spout out of the shadows and attack without warning, allowing players time to act and kill it. Are you prepared for the challenge?