Ice Cream Inc.

Ice Cream Inc.

About game «Ice Cream Inc.»

It must be difficult to find someone who doesn't enjoy delicious ice cream. Some people, particularly in the summer, consider selling this delicacy as a way to gain money. You'll be producing ice cream for the patrons of the summer café throughout the game.

On multiple stages, each replacing the previous one, you will be entrusted with producing ice cream that closely resembles a particular sample. Just before the start of each game level, it will appear on the screen and then move to the top left corner. A waffle cone will appear in the middle of the playing field, which you must fill with a certain flavor of ice cream. Under the horn, there will be three different variations of it. Use the mouse to select the one that resembles the sample, and then click the button in the upper right corner of the playing area. Ice cream will then be put into the cone following that. In the event that everything is finished in accordance with the pattern, you can go to the next game level. Be prepared for the ice cream production task to get harder after each round.