About Troll Games

Troll games will take you to the forest of crazy parties with the undead or to the fantasy world of orcs, elves, dwarves and other magical creatures. If we get lucky. And these are not children's horror stories from the cartoon - everything is serious here! Rescue the great kingdom from the horde of trolls, and protect the castle. Enter the final battle with the knights and send the creatures of darkness back to where they came from. But it is not always possible to give a glorious battle to enemies, and then you will have to sit in a siege for a long time, watching the evil faces of the trolls, or even at all, when there is no other way out - to escape from under their very noses. Troll games have a lot of free quests, wandering games and shooting games, the goal is to survive and prevent these creatures from breeding all over the world!

Meet Friendly Trolls In Troll Games!

Each character in the troll game looks very funny. They have different heights, colors, and characters. They are all friends, and therefore they often meet in amusements with a whole crowd. For example, they can be seen in a group portrait after you complete the puzzle. This is a pretty simple game for little gamers. The picture itself looks somewhat muffled but quite distinguishable. Elements falling on the side of the field must be placed where they belong. When all the pieces are stacked, the portrait will become bright and holistic. Welcome to the bright and cheerful world of trolls! A kaleidoscope of bright colors, music and dances will overwhelm you in the Trolls games section. Trolls are small creatures with high hair and multi-colored skin. These kids just radiate positivity and love hugs. Today, you can not only meet them but also play. Trolls will teach you interesting games and fun. Together with them, you will wander through the labyrinths, save friends and much more. For example, as soon as you get tired of dynamic games, you can turn into a real detective and test your powers of observation along with all the inhabitants of the troll village.