Trollface Quest: USA 2

Trollface Quest: USA 2

About game «Trollface Quest: USA 2»

How did we come up with concepts like Trollface? Let's begin at the beginning: the word has American roots, indicating that it originated there. However, what does that mean? It also describes a clever person who did something funny or not so funny and made other people chuckle. But what if you traveled to the country of this character's origin and attempted to laugh among the most well-known people who lived on the same continent as him? Are you prepared to play Trollface Quest: USA 2?

The noble trollface's quest continues here, and he plans to enjoy himself this time. They are already waiting for you in each of the game's levels-rooms; all you have to do is figure out how to make the subsequent hero giggle. By the way, while you can use advice under challenging circumstances, if you want to succeed, don't waste it. Use them only after exhausting all other options and coming to a dead end. A well-known individual speaks in public on the first level, but there's a twist: His head is actually an ear of corn—just not the sort that's used to make popcorn.