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Point And Click Games - Relax And Hav Fun!

If you like quests and puzzles, but do not want some too intricate tasks and plots, then pay attention to simple, but at the same time fascinating quests from the last century. They are not overloaded with details and missions, the gamer often only needs to move the mouse cursor over objects and click. For example, you can search for objects in this way, move around the premises, solve puzzles, and so on. At the very beginning, you can choose the level of difficulty, and as for the plots, they are very different - from a detective story to an escape from a well-guarded prison. And everywhere you are required to deftly wield the mouse.

What Are Point And Click Games?

Looking for a new challenge to your skills? Try something from the point-and-click game! If you didn't know about these adventure games until now, here's a great chance to take a look at them and evaluate your abilities. Most often in such Point and Click Games, you need to look for various objects and tools, travel, help honest detectives, solve complex puzzles and much more! These words denote nothing more than interactive quests, the management of which is built according to the formula “first point, and then click.” Point-and-click games appeared in the 80s, and one of the first games in this genre was the King's Quest series. Even though games of this kind began to gain momentum in the 80s of the last century, these days their popularity has subsided somewhat. It's a pity because any high-quality point-and-click quest is not only a way to spend your leisure time, but also a narrative that is not without meaning and puzzles that do not let your brain wither. As usual with point-and-click adventure games, you have to play with your mouse or other pointing devices (such as your index finger) to move your character around. By clicking on individual elements or other symbols, you can interact with them. You can also chat with other characters in the game who will give you hints to solve the many puzzles in the game.