Trollface Quest: USA

Trollface Quest: USA

About game «Trollface Quest: USA»

Who else do you think is funny? Who else can be used as a troll? Who hasn't experienced fear before? Weary of the sameness of European stars, one well-known Trollface posed similar questions. Although he hasn't been there yet, his coworkers have informed him that working in America isn't always simple, so maybe it would be worthwhile to move somewhere else, like abroad. So it was decided that our hero would visit the Indian country, and he even gave the name of his adventure game.

We may start by deciding who will be made fun of. Where should I look to find something funny? That's right, in the celebrity gallery, which features pictures of some of America's most well-known citizens. What are we talking about when there are actors, singers, politicians, and showmen present? Look at the walls; everyone who doesn't stick a finger out is well-known not just in America but even abroad. Let's start with Marilyn Monroe, a blond beauty who went for a stroll and decided to pose for a picture next to a sewer tunnel that was concealed by a manhole.