Car Traffic Sim

Car Traffic Sim

About game «Car Traffic Sim»

Do you have dreams of cruising down the highway in a sea of moving vehicles at high speeds? Your wish can now come true. In order to score more points in this game, you must go as quickly as you can through the congested traffic. Play Car Traffic Sim online free racing game that you can access from all types of devices. The Car Traffic Sim game offers you to test your driving skills after you choose the driving game mode. In fact, there are three basic game modes. The first is the Fuel. Here your task is to ride as long distance as you can, having enough fuel for your vehicle.

Pick up bonuses on your path, which look like cans with fuel. The next mode is Time. Here your task is to go through a specified number of kilometers within a certain amount of time. Also, you can play the Infinity game mode, which is the most suitable for those, who just like enjoying the game without any limitations and restrictions.