Monster Truck Extreme Racing

Monster Truck Extreme Racing

About game «Monster Truck Extreme Racing»

If you love speed and know that it is your vocation, then we invite you to play the game Monster Truck Extreme Racing. Today is the time to stop hiding your cool skills and prove to all of us that you are the best in this niche. The essence of this game will be very familiar to you, because you have already participated in various competitions and races in online games. And here, too, you will have such an opportunity. Your task - to come to the finish line one of the first three. Then you will take the prize and you can safely call yourself the winner of the race. To get extra prizes and bonuses, try a variety of tricks as you go. You can do them at speed, in the air and in other ways. The main thing is to impress the judges and the audience. Before each race, don't forget to check if you can improve something in your vehicle to show even better results.

Watch how to play: