About GTA Games

Now to play free online GTA games, you do not need a game console or a powerful computer. Our gaming products allow you to immerse yourself in adventurous action right away, and get to know the taste of risk, excitement, chase and intrigue. Let the machine guns spit fire, echo them with pistols and sing along in a piercing screech of car tires. The chase does not stop and the racers are always ready to jump behind the wheel to push the gas pedal all the way to the floor again. In the GTA series of games, you become a criminal stealing cars, and robbing banks. Initially, your character is not a criminal authority, and his successful promotion up the gangster career ladder will depend only on your actions. Sometimes these games show the hero as an aspiring gangster who is assigned tasks by mafia bosses. Or, as a guy who got into trouble, whom his comrades-in-arms betrayed him or his enemies pursued him left alone, thinking that they had finally finished with the hero, but he was able to restore his strength and begin to take revenge on the offenders. GTA games give you access to virtual cities for free, and here you act freely - you can visit different areas, communicate with people and even listen to the local radio in the car. In these games, there is no clear sequence in which you need to complete the task, and you decide whether you attack civilians with robbery or steal expensive sports cars on the streets.

What Are Simplified GTA Games?

Many games for boys online for free GTA offer simplified versions. After all, the full version of this fun requires a lot of time to complete missions and develop the hero, and mini-games use the same principles of gameplay and plot basics, but their tasks can be completed quite quickly, plunging into the world of gangsters even during a short break in study or work. The hero of this mini-game can be a runaway prisoner: he would have to lie down at the bottom, but the violent nature does not give a respite - he immediately takes on tasks for the delivery of weapons, robbery, and enters into a showdown of mafia structures.