Super Bowmasters

Super Bowmasters

About game «Super Bowmasters»

Can you shoot a man with a bow and get an apple off his head? It is best to give up on the concept of trying to execute it in reality if you are unable to answer this question with certainty. However, you may benefit from a fun game that will let you practice and improve your archery skills.

Over multiple game levels, your bow abilities will advance. Assuming you successfully complete each one's mission, they will all replace one another. The first round will include an archer with a bow in his hands and a man standing in front of him with an apple on his head. It will be the objective you must achieve. To aim and fire the arrow at the apple, use the mouse. A target with an apple on his head will be further away from the shooter in each successive level. Remember that you will only have a limited number of arrows to hit the target. In the top right corner of the playing area, you can see their identification number and keep an eye on their consumption. You will lose and lose the chance to advance to the next round if you use all of your arrows but fail to knock the apple over.