Batman Beyond Coloring Book

Batman Beyond Coloring Book

About game «Batman Beyond Coloring Book»

There is an online game in front of you that asks young players to assemble pictures from superhero comic books in order to solve a number of puzzles. There are 12 riddles in all in this game. They follow Batman in his exploits and confrontations with different heroes. The hero battles evil nonstop to protect the citizens of Gotham safe. As a consequence of everything, he gained a lot of enemies. The criminals broke into Batman's residence and destroyed the pictures while he was away on his next operation. The superhero believes that the kids will be able to put them back together.

This online game enables young people to gather pictures from superhero graphic novels to complete a series. The game contains a total of 12 puzzles. They follow Batman on several travels as he encounters different heroes. To protect the people of Gotham, the hero fights evil constantly. He made a lot of enemies as a result of all of this. While Batman was on his next mission, the burglars broke into his home and destroyed the pictures.