Deul Kids

Deul Kids

About game «Deul Kids»

Introducing Puli, a Deula personality. She is a superb shooter with unmatched skills, and to accomplish her goal, she requires your assistance. Test her skills in two distinct gameplay modes, but watch out for bottles and bad guys in front of you!

It's time to prove why you're the best shooter in the world! This game offers two different game styles for you to try. In the first game, "Beat the Score," your goal is to shoot as many wicked characters as you can in order to accumulate as many points as you can. You will be penalized if you shoot your adversary before he moves. Watch your opponent. You can come up with creative strategies to defeat your foe. Explore the region! Maybe you could make the opponent's expensive chandelier fall on them, or you could render them helpless so they can't shoot you. Three points are awarded for a successful shot, two for disabling an opponent, and one for killing them. In the second game, you try to shoot as many targets as you can in an effort to hit them as rapidly as you can.