Crazy Shooting King

Crazy Shooting King

About game «Crazy Shooting King»

The new online game Crazy Shooting King requires you to belong to the police special forces team. You are to infiltrate the area of the city that several criminal groups have taken over. You must take up arms in order to start moving through the city streets. As soon as a foe approaches you, you must quickly aim your weapon and begin shooting. If your aim is accurate, the opponent will be shot and killed.

This game has two different game modes: level game and endless game. Powerful weaponry is accessible in level mode. Strong weapons are accessible in level mode. Fall rates vary depending on difficulty level. If you didn't dominate, try improving your weaponry; it will do you more damage. Check out how far you can get in our newest shooting game, Crazy Shooting King! Drop rates vary depending on the difficulty level. If you can't win, try strengthening your weapon because it will cause more harm. See how far you can get in the exhilarating great shooting game Crazy Shooting King. To get as far and over as many levels as you can before giving up is the objective of the game.