Kogama Pvp

Kogama Pvp

About game «Kogama Pvp»

Whatever the adventures and whatever story you and your hero fall into, the most exciting and most dangerous of course are battles with real players, who this time decided to gather in the world of Kogama. By the way, not all games in this series offer us to take part in the confrontation between gamers from all over the world, which cannot be said about the new shooter - Kogama Pvp. It will be really hot and dangerous here, the location on which the collision will occur is huge, in addition, there are a lot of buildings on it, that is, everyone will find the best tactics and strategy for themselves. A huge plus in the new three-dimensional shooter is openness and the ability to create, but do not forget the opportunity to take possession of one of the weapons, of which there are a lot. Have fun!

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