The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek

The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek

About game «The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek»

Craig has long dreamed of meeting you. So while you are on this page, we can not miss the opportunity to meet you. We are sure that you will definitely find a common language with this cheerful guy. He came with his friends Kelsey and John. They invite you to visit with them a strange and bizarre place called a stream. Craig is a true leader, and all his friends always trust him to choose what they will do. Do not be afraid if you come across wild animals on your way. Craig has a tool with which he will fight them. Pay attention to glowing objects. By pointing a stick at them, you can get useful things for your trip. Use the new acquaintances correctly and ask travelers how to get to the final point of the path. But sometimes in order to find out information, you have to solve various problems.

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