Push My Chair

Push My Chair

About game «Push My Chair»

A group of office workers decided to spice things up and organize a one-of-a-kind competition involving office chairs. They were getting bored with their routine and wanted to have some fun. The aim of this battle is to push your competitors' chairs out of the arena, and every player will make an effort to do so using their own chair.

The game mode must be selected at the beginning, and it will depend on how many players are participating. For one or two players, it can be a chair duel. Additionally, you can choose the nationality of the player to represent in this unique fight from a drop-down list. The workplace will serve as the battleground, and the game will start with a screen image of the area. Here, you can see the player's character as well as their opponents. They are all seated in office chairs with a name and flag of a different nation positioned above their heads. The same information is displayed in a table in the top-right corner of the screen, showing the player's standing in relation to the other participants.