Drunken Tug War

Drunken Tug War

About game «Drunken Tug War»

You and your friend are in for a laugh as you compete against one another while having fun on the same keyboard. The characters in the game appear to the players while intoxicated, which is why the game is known as a drunken tug-of-war. By pulling towards their own zone, they must overpower the opposition. I hope you succeed! First, in the main menu, choose how many participants will be taking part. Both playing alone versus a computer opponent and playing against a real friend are acceptable. Regardless of the fight choice selected, the player must wait for the countdown before pressing the button designated individually for each player after receiving the necessary signal.

The opponent can only resist and not allow the rope to be stretched to the green mark shown in the middle of the playing field when you actively click on the key, which causes the character to vehemently draw the rope towards himself. This player loses the round after entering this location since they are rendered helpless. If he earns more points than his opponent in each of the five rounds, you win.