Viking Wars

Viking Wars

About game «Viking Wars»

Two Viking characters engage in bloody conflict with one another. Bring a friend with you if you'd like to engage in a swordfight to see who is the best warrior. If you choose, you can compete in a tournament against a computer-controlled hero. Regardless of which choice you select, the goal of the assignment is the same: you must eliminate your opponent as many times as you can. Swing your blade at your adversary in an effort to hurt them. May the chances always be in your favor. If you succeed in capturing the championship branch, you will become a legendary fighter in this region.

There are two game modes: a tournament where two players battle against a computer and two players compete against one other from behind a single device. A sword battle with the objective of hooking and harming the opponent is about to begin. If you miss, your sword will fall to the ground, where you will need to pick it up and continue the fight. The game character can be manipulated with touch controls, "W," and "Up Arrow." The first player to reach three points wins the match.