Paper Fighter 3D

Paper Fighter 3D

About game «Paper Fighter 3D»

The variety of battles that may be found in virtual arenas is astounding. You can participate in paper combat, one of these unusual battles, due to the game. Despite the fact that everything happens on paper, you can be sure that amazing experiences are in store for you.

One player can play the game and compete against the computer, or two players can manage the characters. In the latter scenario, they will engage in combat with one another. Each bout consists of three rounds. The character that can defeat the rival in two rounds will be declared the winner. You must use the F and L keys for the first and second players, respectively, to punch and kick the enemy (G and K keys for 1 and 2 players). The fighter's health bar will get smaller with each successful hit. The character who successfully attacks the adversary fills the special strike indication at the same moment. This indicator will be able to be used as a special attack as soon as it is full. The first player must hit the R key to execute this, and the second player must press the O key. The WASD (1 player) and arrows (2 players) keys should be used to navigate the warriors around the arena.