Phew Phew Space Shooter

Phew Phew Space Shooter

About game «Phew Phew Space Shooter»

You are the only one who can prevent alien attacks on our planet. In the brand-new video game Phew Phew Space Shooter, you can take part in the first interplanetary battle. A fleet of extraterrestrial ships must be faced and vanquished. When you are sent to the first alien battle in Phew Phew Space Shooter, you must properly identify yourself. Take command of your spacecraft and fly toward the dangerous attacks. Since the aliens were preparing to attack you, they will meet you with fire. Try your best to evade enemy projectiles and protect the ship.

Try to take out as many foes as you can while moving and firing with your weapons. They were also not invited. For each ship you sink, you will earn points. Don't forget to block rival attacks simultaneously. ready to complete the mission? The journey then starts. To target and shoot while moving with the arrow keys or "WASD," press the left mouse button. We wish you luck as you put your shooting prowess to the test!