Eggle Shooter

Eggle Shooter

About game «Eggle Shooter»

In truth, this game is similar to a previous version of ball firing. Several lines of multicolored eggs will cover you; they could be arranged in groupings of one, two, three, four, or even five. Your cannon with a core will be underneath. The basic goal is to shoot from this center and land on the desired color. If a yellow egg is dragged there, you must blow down the yellow row; if a red egg is dragged there, you must blow down the line with red eggs. The core will preserve the color you must aspire for the highest. The falling lines all follow the same pattern. Preventing the eggs from dropping upwards and reaching the ground is the main objective of this game. You will lose if they make contact with the surface's very bottom.

Use your mouse or touch controls to participate. Simply touch or mouse over the rewards to activate them. Click on a bonus to reveal additional information about it, then move your touch or mouse outside of the extra icon's borders and release it. Enjoy your time playing this game!