Cowboy Catch Up

Cowboy Catch Up

About game «Cowboy Catch Up»

The robbers have become so haughty that they now plunder the town's treasures during the day instead of at night as they formerly did. The only choice left is to depend on the brave deputy, who'd been prepared to take on one of the most tenacious bad guys in the area. There is no other option but to start looking for a hooded man who took a large bag of money because the hero himself recorded unlawful activities on camera. Help the brave law enforcement official put an end to the crime wave. To let others know what would happen if they try to play practical jokes, you must catch the burglar at all expenses and send him to jail.

Chase the robber down with a bag in hand to stop him from collecting the loot and utilizing it to his own advantage. While you are following the perpetrator, make sure no one comes near you because if they do, you could get hurt. If you spot someone rushing the protagonist, shoot to kill. Take on birds that fly in. In this game, gunpowder is more valuable than gold, so keep it in reserve.