Zombie Mission 4

Zombie Mission 4

About game «Zombie Mission 4»

The famous zombie series of game reminds us of itself with the new chapter! In the fourth part of this exciting journey, you will keep on battling against hungry monsters and once again rescue the planet. Only a real hero is able to fulfill it. And this implies that we were expecting for you! Ahead of the player are dizzying and dangerous events together with courageous daredevils. They will once again have to handle monsters, deal with traps and solve puzzles. You may use nine types of guns to kill the walking dead. But initially you have to detect it. At every level, you have to rescue scientists, pick up discs with classified materials and destroy opponents. In order for the door to the next location to open, you need to collect absolutely all the disks and free the hostages. At the ninth and eighteenth levels, the heroes will face a battle with bosses. Have much fun, dear friends!

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