Masha Pizza Maker: Pizzeria

Masha Pizza Maker: Pizzeria

About game «Masha Pizza Maker: Pizzeria»

Each player will have a wonderful opportunity to create a tasty pizza and discover the traditional recipes for this well-known dish. Play the game name and start serving your customer's delectable pizza. You begin the game in the kitchen of a well-known pizza restaurant. Here, customers will submit orders, and you will work hard to fulfill each one. Remember to give it your all because every customer will undoubtedly leave a review after trying the pizza you made. So long as you strictly adhere to the game's instructions, you shouldn't have any trouble making pizza that will impress every customer.

The game will at some point become quite stressful since you will be receiving many orders at once. In order to avoid disappointing any customers, try to move rapidly while maintaining a good standard for the pizza. Using your mouse, select the pizza dough, make a special sauce, and add various toppings. The pizza should not be left in the oven for an extended period of time because it will burn.