Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump

About game «Wrestle Jump»

Sometimes you don't have to look for a good game for a long time to have fun. Once you've decided on one to buy, you can easily play the game name game that is offered on our website, where you can not only have fun but also demonstrate to your friend your knowledge of the basic throws in this sport. In many countries around the world, wrestlers are almost considered superheroes, and massive crowds watch their performances. To advance in the game, you must become the best at throwing. Grab the opponent and throw him over yourself while making a deceptive movement to accomplish this, taking care not to trip yourself.

In the game, you can play against a computer opponent, invite a friend to join you in two-player mode, or engage in multiplayer play with players from around the world. The controls for the game are simple; your athlete only needs to hit one key to hurl your opponent over you in order to win. Also, bear in mind that the areas where you must engage in combat are fairly diverse, and you will lose if you make contact with an object with your back while throwing.