About Astronaut Games

All lovers of space games dream of learning to feel in space like a fish in water, or like an astronaut in weightlessness. We put on a spacesuit and forward to surfing the vast expanses of the universe! Anyone who loves to play online free games about space will find a task to their liking - to neutralize aliens, space mutants, or fight other races. In space strategy games, you can choose one of the warring parties, build a base, assemble a robust interstellar army, and then start a campaign to conquer the galaxies. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the captain of the interplanetary ship remains alive and that the mission control center is not destroyed. By the way, in simulation games, the control of a spaceship can be very realistic - maneuver, avoid the gravity of the planets, and not fall into a black hole.

What Are The Types Os Astronaut Games?

RPGs about space are perfect for those gamers who have been dreaming of traveling beyond our planet for so long. The missions in these games can be very different: you can establish a colony on one of the planets and try to subdue the aliens, or, conversely, fight off the attacks of enemy-minded alien creatures as a brave astronaut. Sometimes it also happens that your ship breaks down, so you have to urgently look for a way to fix the ship. The dream of conquering space, which most of mankind has been dreaming of for so long, is already easily realized with the help of games that can be played for free in this section. Only in the astronaut games section you can feel like a commander of a space fleet, participate in terrible battles, defend against alien invasions by building protective turrets and building defenses, or simply create your own worlds. Particularly noteworthy are space strategy games about astronauts - this is a special game genre designed to develop tactical thinking, which is especially interesting for gamers who are accustomed to intellectual workloads. Please choose the most suitable strategy for you and play online on our website.