What Are HTML5 Games?

HTML5 games use a technology that allows you to run them immediately, without installing additional plugins. Games created using HTML5 do not require a flash player, which means that these browser-based games are even easier to run than any other. At the same time, games without flash are not inferior to others using outdated Adobe flash player technology. They have the same wonderful graphics, and sometimes even masterpiece three-dimensional specimens are found. There is everything here: from simple geometric puzzles to full-fledged sports simulators. Of course, you can play them completely free of charge, and this rule works both for Android devices and for operating systems on a personal computer. And playing online allows you to save free device memory and not install new applications, while the game will work on a specially optimized and modern technology!

HTML5 Games VS Flash Games

In this section, you will find HTML5 games of various genres. Here you can test your logic, and play sports, races, shooters, quests, or strategies. And all this in good three-dimensional graphics! HTML5 games do not require installation and a lot of traffic, but they all work without flash and will be supported by any modern mobile device. The games in this section have one major advantage - they work without a flash on any mobile device. You will also be able to play, avoid traps, solve puzzles and unravel difficult locations, picking up hard-to-find power-ups on both your phone and tablet! So you don't even need a computer for this. By the way, the abbreviation HTML5 is often opposed to Adobe Flash technologies and is even called its killer. There is some truth in this: all browser-based interactive, which was previously created mainly with the help of the good old "flash", can now be written based on HTML5. However, it is too early to say that Flash is dead, especially if we mean free online games: in this regard, both technologies successfully coexist with each other to this day. Well, what will happen next, time will tell.