Rampage Road

Rampage Road

About game «Rampage Road»

The player of Rampage Road, an arcade shooter with traditional top-down action gameplay, must avoid/demolish oncoming traffic and other obstacles while taking out their opponents with their fully armed car by obtaining power-ups. There was a massive frenzy on one of the roads. A number of drivers planned a race to the bottom in which the objective was to triumph by eliminating competitors instead of racing quickly. If you appreciate thrilling, competitive sports, go behind the steering wheel of a vehicle and take part in this frantic race.

Before beginning your assignment, you need to get to know your enemies better and discover what they are made of. Pick the car that holds the most significance for you. Enter and start your dangerous journey. Shoot other cars as they try to collide with you. No one may enter the region that is a part of your planet. Avoid dying as a result of evil machines, but resist the urge to give up. Remember that you can play this game on various gadgets and devices for free on our website. Have fun!

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