About game «Warlings»

If you play the Warlings game, you will travel to a planet inhabited by worms that are highly violent. Engage in the war by choosing a side. Once you've chosen which of the violent parties you'll join, a map will display. They will have the capacity to consider both their own opinions and—this is essential—the positions of the opposition. Examine each of your weapons in detail. You can use this knowledge going forward to rapidly and effectively dispose of the opponent. Once you've given everyone time to prepare, join the battle. Find an enemy unit on the map. Positioning your forces next to the opposition is the next phase. Launch the battle worms after selecting a firearm from the screen. The more enemies you defeat, the more points you receive. With their help, you'll be able to buy weapons and equip your troops better so that you can conquer the next several stages with even louder victories.

To do this, you must maneuver your characters toward the enemy by using the control keys. After that, you'll need to use a special panel to select a particular weapon and engage the foe in combat. Try to destroy it as quickly as you can.