Balls Rugby Flick

Balls Rugby Flick

About game «Balls Rugby Flick»

What about football? You can try rugby in the online game named game name. Stay away from the goalkeeper, shoot at the goal, and switch up your balls. Football and rugby are sports that are comparable. And scoring points with your ball remains the objective. Use your mouse to click it on the gate in front of you. If you miss, you'll lose one of your three lives. You will earn some points in case you are successful.

Chucking the ball properly is challenging to begin with. The goalie is also added later. It resembles gloves and shoots more quickly than everyone else. Lower difficulty levels have just one, and it is unchanging. Then he starts to move. Finally, there are two, three, or four of them attacking you simultaneously. In addition, wind might be a big problem. Its direction and speed are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Please have this in mind when you decide. If you score more goals, you receive additional cups. It can take a while for the round to be finished. Don't waste your time, to put it simply. To increase the excitement, the game included a supplementary task.