Balls Rugby Flick

Balls Rugby Flick

About game «Balls Rugby Flick»

Rugby is a team game, but on our virtual field you will be all alone in front of the goal. Your job is to practice and score goals continuously and as accurately as possible. The balls will be served one after the other, and they can be not only for rugby, but also football, volleyball, basketball and so on. All the balls and balls in the world are ready to help you score goals. You are on the rugby field and the gate is right in front of you. First, you will just have to score a ball into them and, preferably, hit the target, which will change location. Then goalkeeper gloves will appear and try to stop you. If your casts are successful, you can switch from basketball to soccer, then tennis, and so on. The conditions of the game will constantly change, if you miss three times, you have to start over, including scoring points in Balls Rugby Flick.

Watch how to play: