Racer 3D

Racer 3D

About game «Racer 3D»

Even if all the traffic police disappear in the world and everyone will have their own car, many will prefer game races to real ones - both safer and more drive. And in virtual reality there are so many options for setting that in reality all this will never be available. And that's good, by the way. Do not be late, soon the races will begin in the three-dimensional world and you are invited to participate. In the garage, there is a whole fleet of luxury cars with exotic names: Cobra, Renegade, Fast Mercury, Utopia, Inception, Legacy, Twilight, Raven, Greatness, Inferno, Enigma, Lotus. And the first available car will be the blue Vulture. Five game modes and four racing tracks are waiting for you. Make a choice and go to the start, the rivals are tired of waiting and are impatiently buzzing with motors. Drive and overtake everyone in Racer 3D, leaving your opponents behind.

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