Ambulance Doctor

Ambulance Doctor

About game «Ambulance Doctor»

Children are playing in a park next to the road. They didn't realize they had raced out onto the street because they were too caught up in the game of tag. The automobile then smashed into the children at this point. Thankfully, no serious injuries were suffered. The children were sent to the emergency room of the hospital. Encourage each of them to improve.

There are three ambulances available, each in a distinct color. You must choose which of the three children you would help first once your selected car has taken three kids to the hospital. Once the child is in the hospital bed, check their blood pressure, listen to their heartbeat, and put on the oxygen mask. On the left panel of the playing field are all the required devices. You can also click your mouse to take them. Use tweezers to remove any glass fragments from the child's body. Apply ointment to any abrasions after using cotton swabs to remove impurities from the skin. After an injury, a specific spray can help reduce swelling in a child's arms and legs.