Tank Attack

Tank Attack

About game «Tank Attack»

If you like playing games, where you can not only enjoy the time-spending but also improve your skills, then you should play this one! Tank Attack is a very interesting new game. In it you will need to ride a tank. But don't fight as you might think. This time you will need to drive a tank. And to be even more specific - you will have to park the tanks as soon as possible. And, what is most interesting, you will need to park four tanks at a time, and in a certain position, in order to take on another. That is, if you miss even a little past the designated spot, you will need to try to park again, hitting the spot for sure. In such way you will train your speed and reaction. And also you will learn the basics of how to ride the tank. We are sure that the game will be interesting for every player, regardless of their age or gender.

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