Intercity Bus Driver 3D

Intercity Bus Driver 3D

About game «Intercity Bus Driver 3D»

You will operate a big bus in the game Intercity Bus Driver 3D and show off your driving prowess. You will be involved in transportation services today as you move between cities. You must first decide on your course. Keep in mind that you can make more money if the distance is greater. However, you must also adhere to the deadline; otherwise, the travelers will be unhappy and you will lose. It is necessary to wait until every passenger has found a seat before the journey may begin. Make an effort to travel safely and as comfortably as possible. It is a condition of the extra payment.

Follow the directions on the map in the left area of the game to get where you're going. You can get where you're going quickly and effortlessly by following the red line. Get to the bus station once you have arrived in a different city and drop off passengers there. You will then be paid and given the go-ahead to board the subsequent vehicle. Players can buy a new, larger bus if they have accumulated a sufficient amount. More passengers mean more revenue. Have fun playing and good luck!