Santa Gift Shooter

Santa Gift Shooter

About game «Santa Gift Shooter»

Even if December is still some time away, Santa already has collected gifts for each youngster. To keep from getting bored while they waited for the holiday, he came up with a unique game. Try to shoot the gifts with special sweets and knock out as many as you can in one shot due to a limited supply of candies.

An unknown and probable mystical force lifted all the presents that the elves had made for Santa Claus into the air. He should have completed the bookkeeping and started loading the boxes onto the sled, but he couldn't reach them because they were hovering in midair. For this occasion, Santa has a special weapon. It shoots sweets, and in Santa Gift Shooter, you can probably use them to obliterate every box. Santa needs your assistance since each sweet has a distinct price and the number of delicious shells equals the amount of money. Aim carefully to tear down the most presents with one shot. In order to complete the level, you must fire all of the gifts before your funds run out. Shoot additional commodities to get more money or stronger shots.