Momo Horror Story

Momo Horror Story

About game «Momo Horror Story»

Play Momo Horror Story online free horror game. The main character Jack started to get scary messages from the anonymous person Momo. There were death threats and Jack was told that he was going to be killed. Instantaneously, throughout the whole Jack’s house all the lights turned off. Click to play the Momo Horror Game to make out this ridiculous story and help Jack to stay alive. To start with, your task is to study the room, where our main character now is located. Pick up the small lamp and find any sort of gun to defend yourself. When you have enough tools to light your way through the building, you can start passing your mission. Pay attention to the objects, scattered inside the house, they might be useful, so pick them up. Once you see a monster trying to attack you, you can use the gun to kill him. Try to access the game using any types of gadgets and devices.

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